Amber Coast is one of the best shops in Frederick. I was impressed by the quality of all the goods. Everything in the store is hand crafted, and I think most of it is imported from other countries. The shop name comes from the amber jewelry that takes up most of the left wall. Most of the other items are made of glass, including sets of china that have intricate glazed patterns. There aren’t any prices for the dishes though, only up to three dollar signs. I’m going to assume that means they are really expensive! I was very careful not to go near them.

I really liked the wood crafts. There were two motorcycles made of wood. Every part was made of wood, even the wheels, screws, and chains. The back of the store had some awesome wooden benches. They were simple and really showcased the wood grain and color well. I also saw wooden, hand-painted Matryoshka dolls. These reminded me of some dolls that foreign exchange students from Russia gave to my grandmother a long time ago. They are the kind that open up and have smaller dolls inside. The smallest one was about as tall as a quarter!

Amber Coast has a lot to offer. I would recommend checking it out, but be careful if you like to shop since there are banks next door!

Address: 3 East Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-631-2217 ‎