The Baltimore Aquarium is one of Baltimore’s main tourist destination. It includes flora and fauna from different ecosystem ranging from reefs, bays, rivers, and tropical jungle. Recently, they added the Australian Reef and the 4D experience. The Australian reefs have bats, crocodiles, and fish exhibits. The 4D show is a 3D movie where takes you to different places visually while including background stimuli like the wind or snow.

They have different varieties of reptiles and biomes- where they show you the animals living in different parts of the world. You see the large tank on the bottom floor with sting rays and sea turtles. They also have different types of fish and aquatic animals. The divers and volunteers feed the animals in certain times of the day so if you are lucky enough you might just see their feeding time.

On the upper floor, you get to walk through a rainforest area with lots of birds and monkeys. They have cool amphibians like the poison dart tree frogs. They also have the Jellyfish Invasion exhibit.  It gives you all kinds of information and how the jellyfish populations are exploding in the oceans due to overfishing around the world. The fish that preys on them are in a decline.

The dolphin show is the main attraction in the Baltimore National Aquarium. The trainers educate the viewers and show them how high dolphins can jump, how fast they can swim and dive. They also show you how dolphins breathe, what their teeth are like, and how they swim. You get to see them jumping up almost to the ceiling. Watch out!! There is a wet section so if you don’t want to get wet stay away from the first row!

Outside the Baltimore National Aquarium is the Harbor, you can see the USS constellation (an antique ship), and the WW2 submarine.  There is a decent size mall with restaurants, dinner cruises and a nice area to walk around by the pier. It’s nice to check this place out at least once a year.

Address: 501 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-576-3800