The Brunswick Railroad Museum is located in Brunswick, MD not far from the train station. The museum focuses on the construction of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and its impact on the area. The museum covers three floors of a historic building. The first floor has some exhibits and a play area where kids can play with trains. The second floor has exhibits that show the life of local people including education, jobs, and their daily lives.

The best part of the museum is the third floor, which has a 1700 square foot train model. The model shows each of the B&O railroad stations between Brunswick and Union Station in DC. It looks like a lot of time was spent on even little details such as fisherman in boats, farmers, and a carnival. The train model even has interactive buttons to make sound effects, turn on carnival rides, and  show a house on fire with firefighters at the scene.

Address: 40 W. Potomac Street, Brunswick, MD 21716
Phone: 301-834-7100