The Maryland Seafood Festival showcases Maryland’s greatest natural resource–The Chesapeake Bay (and its tributaries). The festival is held every year at Sandy Point State Park, which is next to the bay and has a nice view of the Bay Bridge. To highlight the importance of the bay this year, the Chesapeake Bay Trust provided a “fishmobile” with local wildlife viewing. Among the animals were horseshoe crabs, seahorses, crabs, and turtles. Sandy Point State Park has a nice visitor center with additional exhibits.

During the festival, Sandy Point State Park is filled with many seafood vendors, local craftsmen, and music on the main stage. Activities include ziplining, pogo stick demonstrations, and sand soccer tournaments. There are three eating competitions throughout the day: corn, picked crabs, and crab cakes. The three competitions are open to anyone, and are free to enter (and free to eat!). There are event areas around the festival grounds such as the beer garden/wine garden and the chef tent where local chefs demonstrate how to cook seafood.

For more information including dates and parking information, please visit the Maryland Seafood Festival website.