Swallow Falls State Park is located on the western tip of Maryland as you drive past Deep Creek Lake. The park is most famous for its numerous waterfalls along Muddy Creek and the Youghiogheny River. Although Swallow Falls State Park gets its name from Swallow Falls, the park’s highest waterfall is Muddy Creek Falls–which is also the highest waterfall in Maryland! From the bottom of the falls you can see very interesting layers of rock made of shale and sandstone that almost form stairs in some places.

Although it is a long drive for most people in Maryland, Swallow Falls State Park is a great camping destination. The campgrounds have nice facilities, access to drinking water, and are very close to the hiking trails. Muddy Creek Falls and Swallow Falls are popular for hiking due to the beautiful views and abundance of wildlife. The falls also make great swimming holes for cooling down in the summer months! In addition to enjoying the park, Deep Creek Lake is not too far away and has kayaking and boat rentals for a change of pace.

For more information on camping and hiking, check out the Swallow Falls State Park website.